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Ambulance Stretchers offers a great selection of quality Ambulance Stretchers for rapid response and assistance to meet today’s emergency rescue needs.  As the information superhighway’s super-source for ambulance stretchers and other emergency rescue hardware, we understand that a stretcher is likely to be one of the very first pieces of equipment utilized in a life-threatening situation.  That’s why we carry only the best, with quality brand names like Ferno and Stryker available at fair and honest prices. is made up of industry insiders with over two decades in the business, so we know patient and casualty transport inside out.  Whatever your patient care needs, we have just the right stretcher for you, your facility, and most importantly your patients.

Ambulance stretchers from bear an ancient pedigree involving quick and safe casualty transportation, only now utilizing the latest of modern materials for superior construction meeting industry-established safety and comfort criteria.  Our ambulance stretchers can be very versatile, doubling as gurneys and hospital beds, with tie-ins to secure the patient or casualty and user-adjustable variable height.  Even though we didn’t invent these devices, we are imbued with a reverence for them that deeply influences our business.  No one knows when such equipment was first invented, but it is almost certain that they would have often been used in lieu of wheeled transportation.  In those times, stretchers were no more than man-sized litters hitched onto shoulder poles, but the modern-day makes available from are thankfully much more mobile and much better able to minimize patient or casualty movement for the prevention of injury. is the online presence of Ambulance Network, Incorporated, dedicated to serving our diverse clientele of emergency rescue workers, private transportation services, and individual export specialists.  No matter your needs, can help.  For ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency rescue vehicles to medical hardware and equipment of all kinds, check with’s broad inventory representing brand names like Wheeled Coach, AEV, Lifeline, Medtec, Osage, Road Rescue, Horton, McCoy Miller, PL Custom, Braun, E-One, Miller Coach , Marque, National, Excellance, Vartanian, and Mobility Works.  Our website provides only a hint of our vast real-world catalog consisting of even more hardware than mentioned thus far.  Let us know about your situation via phone or e-mail and we’ll have a custom-tailored solution worked out for you immediately!  We even take special requests.  Look to for all medical and emergency rescue hardware and look no further!

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