For over 20 years, Ambunet has been a leader in used ambulance sales. We also provide new ambulance sales under the Ambulance Network name. Our experience selling both new and used ambulances has taught us it’s hard to plan for everything – and sometimes our customers need a reliable ambulance rental company to fulfill short-term emergency vehicle needs. Leveraging our huge selection of in-stock inventory, we are pleased to step into that role! Learn more about how to rent an ambulance from us below, or give us a call today!


Rental Rates

Our ambulance rentals are offered at a low rate of $250/day. Over 1,000 miles is an additional $0.35/mile. A cleaning fee is only assessed if the vehicle is not returned in the condition it was delivered in. *Details below.



We know things happen! We will work on your timeline to ensure you’re covered with reliable ambulance rentals when you need them. Our only requirement is you commit to a two week minimum rental period.



Want your ambulance rental to look and function like the rest of your fleet? For an additional fee, we will work with you to customize the unit with your graphics and/or stock the module with needed medial equipment.


Reliable Rental Units

Our ambulance rentals are thoughtfully pulled from our huge selection of inventory to ensure you have a reliable emergency vehicle during its time with you. We can accommodate up to 10 units in a rental contract.



  • Base rentals are $250/day.
  • Mileage over 1,000 miles will be billed an additional $0.35/mile.
  • There is a minimum rental period of 14 days.
  • Customers can come pick up the unit(s) at Ambunet, or it/they can be delivered for an additional fee.
  • Payment must be provided in full, prior to the Renter taking possession. Excess miles and/or cleaning fee will be charged upon return, where applicable.
  • Medical equipment and graphics are optional, but not included in the base price of $250/day.
  • The rental ambulance(s) will be cleaned prior to leaving Ambunet. The ambulance(s) shall be returned clean or the vehicle will be cleaned at Ambunet and the Renter will be responsible for an additional $200 cleaning charge.
  • Renter will be responsible for any damage to the ambulance(s) while in their possession.
  • Renter is required to hold insurance on the rental ambulance(s) while in their possession. Proof of insurance should be provided to Ambunet.
  • Ambunet can rent up to 10 units at a time.
  • Ambulance rentals will be pulled from our in-stock inventory; we have over 80 used ambulances on our lot at any one time. Models will vary based on selection with a large variety of units to choose from.