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Becoming a dealer in 2012, Ambulance Network, Inc. covers the state of New Jersey for all new Medix ambulance sales. Having owned other ambulance manufacturer territories in the past, we decided to sell Osage and Medix exclusively because they allow us to offer a wider selection to our customers while not overlapping in what each manufacturer can bring to the table. As a family-owned company, Medix is happy to be involved in the design, production and marketing of the units. This easy communication paired with their 90-120 day lead time makes Medix one of the fastest and most affordable options on the market.


Type I Ambulances

Medix Type I Ambulances
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Type II Ambulances

Medix Type II Ambulances
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Type III Ambulances

Medix Type III Ambulances
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Medix Ambulances: Built to Save…Priced to Save More

As the Medix slogan will attest, this ambulance model line is engineered to give you a well-built truck at a very reasonable price point. Unmatched in their affordability and quality, Medix ambulances are perfect for those departments on a tight budget but want a dependable fleet that will withstand many years of emergency response calls. To keep the costs and lead time down, Medix doesn’t allow much customization for the exterior of the vehicle. However, having this consistency in the build process leads to very little, if any, room for error. In fact, Ambulance Network, Inc. rarely visits the facility to check on progress because the process is so standardized, an intense factory visit review is not necessary. Also, we regularly stock up on the most popular Medix models to give our customers an immediate turnaround, so be sure to check out our demo units to see what’s available now!

If you are interested in learning more about the Medix product and how Ambulance Network, Inc. can help you acquire the new ambulance your organization needs, fill out our easy contact form or give us a call today!