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An official dealer since 2005, Ambulance Network, Inc. proudly covers the state of New Jersey for new ambulance sales for Osage Ambulances. With over ten years of experience working with Osage, we have found them to be open to answering any questions, assistive in the sales and planning process, and capable of consistently delivering high quality vehicles. Built on some of the strongest and most durable modular bodies in the industry, Osage can customize an ambulance to the exact requests of a department. As long as it’s safe, Osage will tailor interior layouts, exterior components, and body size to fit the customer’s needs.


Type I Ambulances

Osage Type I Ambulances
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Type II Ambulances

Osage Type II Ambulances
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Type III Ambulances

Osage Type III Ambulances
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Experience the Attention to Detail and Reliable Support of Osage Ambulances

To stay on top of any changes occurring at Osage, Ambulance Network, Inc. continually visits the factory, usually making the trip for every other customer unit that is completed. This is more so to keep a pulse of the build process since we rarely find any mistakes on a truck, whether we go to the factory to review it or assess it when it’s delivered. The attention to detail is suburb. This is to be expected, as all five owners of Osage Ambulances are involved in daily operations of the company. Having been in business for 27 years, Osage has never had any layoffs and the average tenure of their employees is 15 years, proving that when you treat your staff right, they consistently produce quality work. Ambulance Network, Inc. can attest that they treat their customers with the same respect, which makes for a very successful relationship.

If your department is looking for an ambulance you can custom build to your specifications, considers safety as a top priority, and is competitively priced, Osage Ambulances fits the bill.

If you are interested in learning more about the Osage product and how Ambulance Network, Inc. can help you acquire the new ambulance your organization needs, fill out our easy contact form or give us a call today!