In the Type III line-up, Osage offers three models, including the Brave, the Warrior, and the Super Warrior. Built with a completely seamless body construction, each model also features a one-piece exterior side panel, as well as a one-piece crowned roof. All Osage Type III ambulances also offer an ALS compartment with in and out access, as well as a thermostat-controlled patient compartment. Built to the exact specifications of any department’s needs, Osage Type III ambulances are hard to beat.



Brave Osage Type III Ambulances

Available only on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the Brave model is for departments looking for an entry level, no-frills Type III ambulance. Built with a separate, square patient compartment, it also features diamond plate shields on the lower rear, lower front, and lower third of doors. Engineered to include a 49” wide aisle space, your crew should have no problems working efficiently to make the patient as comfortable and safe as possible.

Ideal for those who need more than the Type I, but don’t need the highest performing models available from Osage, the Brave Type III ambulance will meet your needs with high quality craftsmanship and impressive customization options.


Warrior Osage Type III Ambulances

Offered on the Ford E-350 or Chevrolet G-3500 chassis, either option comes with a number of complimentary standard features, like locking containers for sharps and drugs as well as a thermostatic-controlled heating and cooling system with return air filtration. Coming in at 148” long, the Warrior model provides 4 more inches of room compared to the 144” long Brave model. It also boasts an enhanced electrical system and more exterior compartments than the Brave.

Offering a good blend between size and cost-efficiency, the Warrior Type III ambulances are a great choice for departments in need of a mid-sized Type III ambulance.

Super Warrior

Super Warrior Osage Type III Ambulances

Available on either the Ford E-450 or the Chevrolet G-4500 chassis, the Super Warrior is the largest Type III ambulance available from Osage. However, no matter which chassis you prefer, both are rated for more than 14,000 pounds in weight and feature an expansive 51” of aisle space to promote comfort and safety when tending to patients in the compartment. Checking in at 168″ in length, 87″ in height and 96″ in width, it is no wonder the Type III Super Warrior is Osage’s biggest and most popular unit! If your department is in need of the biggest, strongest, toughest ambulance on the market, the Super Warrior Type III ambulance will be up for the challenge.