Popular with private and municipal organizations as well as BLS and ALS Fire, EMS, and hospital services, Medix Type III ambulances include
the largest models offered by Medix. Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. offers five models in a Type III ambulance configuration:
Metro Express RP90ES, Metro Express 150, Metro Express 166, Metro Express MN86 Sprinter, MSV-II 170.


Metro Express 150

The Metro Express 150 Type III ambulance is an excellent entry level modular body for the fire and EMS industry. With a generous 70” of head room, 46” of aisle space, and 148” of room from the bulkhead to the rear doors, it is designed to give you plenty of work room.

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Metro Express 166

Crews operating on the Metro Express 166 will experience 72″ of spacious headroom, a 48” wide aisle, and 155” of room from the bulkhead to the rear doors.  Great for hospital-based EMS transportation or volunteer organizations, this model offers multiple floor plans.

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Metro Express MN86 Sprinter

Designed to provide comfort, convenience and the increased capacity of a modular unit at a competitive price the MN86 offers a narrower width of 86″ for increased accessibility to narrow city streets. It also features a spacious interior with an excellent interior.

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Metro Express RP90ES

The flagship vehicle of the Medix line up, the RP90ES is  spacious inside and out. With 68” of interior headroom and a 45” wide compartment aisle, the  90” wide module offers enough room to transport your patients while giving your crew plenty of working room.

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MSV-II 170

Featured as the newest model design by Medix, the MSV-II 170 Type III ambulance can be used for practically any type of service application. Comfort and space are a given with 155” of room from bulkhead to the rear doors, 50” of aisle space, and 72” of headroom.

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